Art 101 assignment

Aed222 - Along with some smaller assignments, or examples of understanding, you will be required to submit the following major projects to me by the end of the semester:
Recreation of a Masterpiece Collage: You will choose a masterpiece painting to recreate by cutting out matching colors and shapes from magazines.
Aed 222 - Still Life Contour drawing: You will create a still life drawing using contour lines.
Still Life Charcoal drawing: You will create a still life using charcoal and techniques previously learned.
Art101 assignment - Still Life Painting: You will create a still life painting use learned drawing and painting techniques.
Wire Sculpture: You will create a wire sculpture that creates a sense of movement
Wood Bowl: You will make a wood bowl out of a block of wood.
Cubism Webquest: You will summarize and synthesize information across several texts and your team will create a presentation on Cubism, recreate a cubism painting using crayons, and complete an e-sheet containing questions about Cubism, Picasso, and Braque. Cubism Web Quest
Art 101 assignment - Sign of The Times: Many historically important paintings deliver messages about current events, or happenings of their time. You will choose a message that conveys a sign of the times, cut out newspaper headlines, magazine headlines, and internet headlines that are related to your message. You will then create an art piece that conveys that message after making a collage of the headlines and writing a short statement about your current event or message and how you intend to convey it through your art work.
Pop-culture Collage (Extra Credit): Choose your favorite pop-culture icons and create a colorful collage with them.

Art 101 assignment


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